Tuesday, August 15, 2006

life and its complement

Life is continually anew and renew, and yet it confronts forces, in structure, (and social dynamics which produce and engineer that structure, inform its direction and its orientation) which are ruinous for many parts of it, now and in the past, for the moment mostly sparing those most embracing, being carried by and favouring structure, who therefore don't learn the lessons, and don't change their behaviours (are deliberately obstructed from doing so by those who are safest), yet life being continually anew and renew, and us feeling and being alive, we don't fully appreciate and process the danger represented by this structure, if not for us, now, then for others, now, and for us in the very near future. From where we are, for so many of us, stating the threat seems implausible and churlish, in light of our experience of the presence and resilience of life; this view seems to lack faith in our propensities and properties and constitution, which are after all miraculous. We wake up, we feel alive and ok, the world is not ok; the world is not ok; is fundamentally not ok; in so many places; and yet life, life is ok, life is renew and anew, creation burgeoning and flowing and producing; inspiring and healing. But we must become aware of the material complement which accompanies us, in structure; of the nature and the shape of the structure and of its current actual, and potential future, ramifications; and of the precise, multiple intersections of the structure with our lives; the aspects of our life which are necessary but which we ignore, and those which are illusory, but which we cling the most to. We must see how consumerism creates terrorism. Otherwise, we live in a protracted dream ignorant of the danger which awaits us on awakening. We must see and affirm, every day, that the world is not ok, while life is anew, because of the nature and shape of the structure which we allow to overlie life.


Anonymous ob fusc said...

I should add that this post is about explicating Northern apathy/"inability" to do anything, but not just that, the argument/"interior intuition" which is marshalled by people (I include myself in the past and at times now) to describe the way "everything seems ok" - "it's almost ungrateful/churlish, betraying a lack of faith in human ingenuity, or a neurotic overstatement of human responsibility, to say everything is not ok".
It's about delineating that which is ok; and which is not, in the situation; and showing that what is ok, "life", is marshalled by, put at the service of the continuation of a paradigm (a structural overlay - that of capitalism - a very specific and highly irrational, to everyone except, materially, those who benefit (and those who benefit also lose psychologically/existentially like everyone else), set of social relations) which is ruinous to so much of life at any time, which, fallen and swallowed up, other life remains but doesn't see it as it rushes forward.
There's a lot more to this trick which is played on people - it has to do with perceptions of individuality and subjectivity; perceptions of time (ie linear, and always new - always a new opportunity for consumption; always an empty box to be filled? or circular, holistic, part of a cycle, set to age and pass away and for life to be renewed?)
Explicating the manufactured and highly profitable dream which is life in the North.

1:51 AM  
Blogger Bruce said...

I love the last line here -- Explicating the manufactured and highly profitable dream which is life in the North.

That, and your overall points here, remind me of a post I did a while back called Ghost World.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous ob fusc said...

Bruce, thanks for reading! ;) I really enjoyed your post too. I see we're having similar thoughts (different expressions though, luckily for any readers!) on the whole thing. Dream/Ghost world. Ok I have to get on with corporate copywriting, sleepwalking, but will write more soon ;)

2:39 AM  
Blogger Bruce said...

something else we have in common: I also do corporate copywriting.

9:46 AM  
Anonymous ob fusc said...

no kidding! you're on the game too?! I quite like copywriting because it's fairly short and sweet while exercising the imagination, and leaves plenty of free energy and time for other writing. Unfortunately I do a lot of content writing too and that I find much more difficult as one has to apply oneself to writing reams of bilge, acting for all the world as if one means it.
Still one day the google-ads will take off, and we can blog full-time!

7:26 AM  
Anonymous ob fusc said...

I think I meant, "you're in the [copywriting] game too?"!

7:28 AM  
Blogger Bruce said...

Yes, crafting the bilge as if one means it can be rather soul-sucking work. But the benefit for me is that I can read blogs and write posts at work, and it looks exactly the same as if I'm working. In fact, the more I've done blogging, the more people assume I must be really dedicated. I find it odd, and it can be stressful, but that's the situation, until the google ads take off :-)

4:39 PM  
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