Monday, July 31, 2006

"The gloves are off"

The War on Terror is a war on humanity (by capital).

Imperialists can't defeat Hezbollah, or "terrorists", which are created in response and resistance to imperialist aggression, by further imperialist aggression (any more than you can still the surface of a pond by striking it; any more than a bomb can give birth by piercing a mother with shrapnel).

Wherever the unilinear logic of imperialism, undergirded by capital, with the need to preserve its material sources of continuation and expansion, intersects with humanity, there will be bloodshed, and there will be accordingly be resistance (which will provoke or justify further violence and territorial/resource gains by the imperial powers).

The only question is the rate of metabolism of this dynamic. And it's clear that this has recently accelerated.

The "danger" for the imperialists is that, by the nakedness of their violence, their utter disregard for human life and international law (Gaza, Qana, the UN station etc), and therefore the starkness with which the ever-present dynamic outlined in the previous paragraph is revealed, they might lose domestic support; but this is actually a danger, not for the imperialists, but for those of us who are citizens of imperial countries; because the imperialists will respond by progressively threatening or constraining out of existence any domestic resistance, by ratcheting up repression.

It's therefore unmistakeably in the interests of all humanity (we need only interpolate that existentially/psychologically the ostensible capitalist leaders/owners/beneficiaries are themselves prisoners of capital's logic, to understand that all parties are adversely affected, breaching the material elite/rest-of-humanity divide) for imperialism to be dismantled, by a movement of human/social resistance in solidarity across all countries, imperial and oppressed; otherwise all we can do is to hope/pray/campaign/use legal means in order to restrain the rate of metabolism as far as possible - the rate of chaos, crisis and violent aggression; but nobody is really in control (as a result particularly most recently of the abdication of control over policy by national governments to the requirements of markets, in neoliberalism). Capital/the Megamachine (pace Rudolf Bahro) is in control; its unhumanly perennial logic informing all the actions of the various "leaders" ostensibly making decisions.

Lebanon has the power to constitute a powerful symbol of this balance of forces - the immutable dynamic of imperialism; its disregard for human life; the bloodshed which occurs at the intersection of the two logics; the human necessity of dismantling imperialism. Let's hold this image in mind, build our movement and move at the right time. The fate of the innocent civilians in Lebanon is our fate; it's already happened to us; and will happen to us again.


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